5K Road Race Results

Thanks to all who attended our 1st 5K Road Race on Wednesday 26th August in Carraig na bhFear. It turned out to be a lovely evening for running and we were hugely encouraged by the numbers in attendance.

The overall winner was local man John Meade, the Whites Cross legend coming home in a scorching time of 16:22. He was followed home by Matthew Collins, from Gneevguilla and Sean O’Sullivan, the first Carraig man over the line, to round off the top three.

In the ladies, Joan Ennis took top honours, in a time of 19:23, with local teacher Claire O’Donnell showing she knows her way around the village to come in second spot, with Gwen Conroy placing third.
Well done to all who participated. We hope to see you all back again in 2016 when we hope to host the race again. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please do contact us, either via the website, our facebook page, or in person. We want to build on this and make it as good an event as it can possibly be, so we are all ears!

Many thanks to the large number of stewards who manned the course on the night, especially to Jimmy Dorgan for the bollards and signs. Special thanks to Noreen Murphy for her expertise in helping to organise the event, Carraig na bhFear Athletics Club for their support and participation, great to see ye there in such numbers!

Thanks also to Liam Spillane for his time and effort and last but by no means least, Nicky Pike. This whole event was Nickys brain child, coaxed out of the rest of us over the winter months above in the pitch while we trained in the mud and put into action over the summer. The time and effort he has put into it had to be seen to be believed. Well done Nicky, the dream has become a reality! Roll on 2016!

You can see the results of the race here:

PositionRace NoName Time (mins)Category    
133John Meade16:22M
229Matthew Collins17:18M
39Sean O'Sullivan17:32
4151Willie Walsh17:34M
539Conor Dolan17:56M
6161Wesley McNamara18:11M
735David Atkinson18:33M
852Cormac Murphy18:52M
9171Mark Pinfield19:12M
10175Joan Ennis19:23F
117Tony Dunne19:43M
1232Con Burns19:44M
1330John Paul Breen19:44M
14198Willie Spillane20:11M
1525Gus Keohane20:14M
16160Ian Buckley20:30M
1753Paul Sheehan20:39M
18163Michael Daly0.86388888888888820:44M
1913Sean Shanahan20:50M
20155Michael Minihane20:52M
2121Colm Crowley21:07M
2212Aaron Dorgan21:19M
233Diarmuid O'Driscoll21:23M
2437Claire O'Donnell21:25F
25159John Delaney21:29M
26167Gwen Conroy21:33F
2734David O'Riordan21:38M
28169Willie Cody21:46M
29164Oisin Crowley21:47M
3073Greg Magner21:49M
316Colm O'Reilly21:57M
3245Conor Hayes22:00M
3355Ellen Hanley22:09F
34186Diarmuid Mullins22:25M
3569Jack Ahern22:26M
3656Mike Ennis22:34M
37172Donal O'Donoghue22:39M
38153Sean Collins22:41M
3926Ger Foley22:48M
4070Michael Ahern22:56M
4147Christy Murphy23:04M
425Mick Byrne23:08M
43194Derry O'Donovan23:09M
4436Orla Coffey23:20F
45204Adrian Trail23:21M
46173Tyrone Kennedy23:25M
4789Mairead Burns23:26F
4810James Forde23:40M
49190Andrew Geaney23:45M
50162Padraig O'Brien24:00M
51193Emilija Dorgan24:03F
52187Kathy Bradford24:04F
53176Maurice Tobin24:07M
5411John Forde24:16M
55177Alan Manley24:31M
5672Ciara Magner24:43F
5788Cian Finn24:55M
5887Robin Finn24:55M
5954Denis O'Conor24:56M
6065Claire Murray25:00F
61152Gerry McMahon25:13M
6224Yvonne O'Leary25:14F
6385Aidan Patsy O'Reilly25:17M
64189Carmel Geaney25:35F
6562Fiona Kelleher25;42F
66221Dean Williams25:53M
67220Robbie Williams25:54M
68205Thomas O'Driscoll26:04M
69165Adam Gorgia26:05M
70192Sean Bradford26:29M
71Debbie O'Donovan26:49F
7261Cathal Whooly26:54M
7360Ted Whooly26:57M
7444Conor O'Brien27:01M
75188Paul Forrest27:02M
76170Mick Foley27:38M
77191Gillian O'Brien27:39F
78195Martin Davoren27:46M
7957Roisin O'Callaghan27:49F
80158May Delaney28:11F
81199Mags Hassett28:13F
8246Eileen Murphy28:14F
8328Noreen O'Keeffe28:33F
8491Denise O'Donovan29:00M
85182Claire Walsh29:03F
86183Barrie Casey29:04M
8782Deirdre Butt29:15F
88156Susan Nagle29:22F
8981Karen O'Mahony29:38F
9031Ger O'Dea30:03M
9171Jerry Forde30:49Wheelchair
9286Angela Murphy30:54F
9322Deirdre Boyle31:40F
94168Linda Cashman32:08F
9527Anne O'Donovan32:09F
96157Claire O'Brien32:11F
9768Amy Quinlan32:11F
9867Lisa Cotter32:20F
99208Aoife Buckley32:35F
100225Debbie O'D33:04M
10138Donal O'Driscoll33:28M
10283Maria McKiernan34;18F
10342Aileen O'Callaghan34:19F
10443Grace Hilliard34:20F
10540Aoife Hayes35:01F
1068Aileen Dunne35:11F
10759Darragh Palmer35:15M
10858Aileen O'Keeffe36:04F
10984Christina Randalls36:08F
11080Michael Sheehan36:35M
111206Tom Sheehan36:36M
1121Aidan Sheehan39:04M
1132Emma Sheehan39:54F
114197Mary Toher42:27F
115179Hilary Williams42:27F
11663Eve Mulcahy42:28F
11764Aoife Fitzgerald42:51F
118178Hilary Williams44:36F
11948Sinead Horgan44:43F
120180Hilary Williams44:43F
121181Hilary Williams45:18F
12276Camilla Shaw45:18F
12377Martina McInerney47:42F
124200Irene Hegarty47:43F
125201Katie Boyle47:44F
126166Deirdre Cooke48:27F
12741Catherine Cooke48:28F
128174Lorraine Lenihan49:13F
129218Paula Buckley49:15F
13066Noreen Mulcahy49:27F
131154Maurice Spillane49:53M
132219Mary O'Brien51:38F
133207Colin O'Driscoll52:05M
13474David O'Sullivan52:06M
135196Rose Crowley52:09F
13615Mary Ryan52:10F
137185Alison Mullins52:22F
138184Claire Mullins52:22F
13914Cathy Crowley52:22F
14020Mary Holland52:22F
141217Cliona Hatano54:36F
14275Sally Hayes54:37F
14379Ursula Sheehan54:37F
14478Ria Sheehan54:37F
145223Oren Pike54:37M
1464Noreen Pike54:37F
147222Siobhan Pike54:37F