Carraig na bhFear 5k Road Race 2018 Results

Thanks to all who attended our fourth annual 5K Road Race on Tuesday 21st August in Carraig na bhFear. It was a warm and humid evening for running but the crowds turned out in record numbers to support the event.

The overall winner in the mens category was Eric Curran, who clocked a fantastic time of 16:10 around the course. In second place was last years winner, John Meade, the Whites Cross legend coming home in a time of 16:23, maith thú a Sheáin! He was followed home in third place by Kieran McKeown in a time of 16:52. Well done lads, mighty running!

In the ladies, Karina Murphy took top honours, in a time of 19:55. Second place went to Sharon Rynne, who finished with a great run of 20:04. In third place was local teacher Claire O’Brien, who finished in a fantastic time of 20:39. Congratulations ladies!
Well done to all who participated. We hope to see you all back again in 2019 when we hope to host the race again for it’s fifth edition. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please do contact us, either via the website, our facebook page, or in person. We want to continue to build on this and make it as good an event as it can possibly be, so we are all ears!

Many thanks to the large number of stewards who manned the course on the night, it was a great team effort to ensure that everything went off without a hitch. Special thanks to Noreen Murphy for her expertise in helping to organise the event, Carraig na bhFear Athletics Club for their support and participation, great to see ye there in such numbers!

Thanks also to Conor Hegarty for his time and effort and last but by no means least, Nicky Pike. This whole event was Nickys brain child back in 2015, each year it has grown significantly into a great community event for all of the people in the parish and from much further afield too. The time and effort he has put into it had to be seen to be believed. Well done Nicky, you truly are an inspiration!…not a bad time in the race itself either boy!

You can see the results of the race here:

Carraig 5K Race Results 2018

Carraig na bhFear GAA 5K Road Race results for 21st August 2018. Well done to all participants!
PositionRace NoName CategoryTime (mins)
1101Eric CurranM16.10
2209John MeadeM16.23
3202Kieran McKeownM16.52
429Nigel SheehanM16.54
5238Bryan CrowleyM17.54
624Kieran SheahanM18.08
723Sean O'BrienM18.12
877Michael ColohanM18.32
9278Joseph DalyM18.40
10115John HartnettM18.42
11204Paul CashmanM18.55
12111Stephen RooneyM19.23
13117Cian McPartlandM19.29
14131Liam MurphyM19.33
15200Don SheehanM19.53
16205Karina MurphyF19.55
17103Nicky PikeM20.02
18138Eoin McMahonM20.03
19158Sharon RynneF20.04
20277David O'RiordanM20.15
21116Adam FarrellM20.20
2270Conor O'LearyM20.24
233Declan ClancyM20.31
2432Shane Collins M20.34
2527Claire O'BrienF20.39
26118Kieran LynchM20.39
27262Andy GouldingM20.43
2825Rhona LynchF20.47
29301Aaron SheehanM20.47
3011Aidan SheehanM20.56
31104Colm O'ReillyM21.01
32273Ian MontgomeryM21.10
3333Stephen CreedonM21.15
34133John GriffinM21.19
35129Julie BrowneF21.21
36190Anne Marie BurnsF21.27
3749Helen WalshF21.38
38280Cathal WhooleyM21.40
39263David MullinsM21.42
405Tommy MullaneM21.46
41102Adrian O'DriscollM21.49
421Louise MurphyF21.57
4340Mick MurrayM21.57
4453Trevor MooreM22.07
45108Donal CashmanM22.09
4673Charles RussellM22.12
4771Sean CollinsM22.18
48109Elizabeth JacobsonF22.21
49222Gary PrendergastM22.27
50237Toni O'RiordanM22.34
5169Adam FoleyM22.36
52157Mark HealyM22.45
53271Colm SpillaneM22.48
54266Michael MullinsM22.52
55279Ted WhooleyM22.54
56119Martin KelleherM22.57
57215Gary RelihanM22.57
58174Sandra WalshF22.58
59261Ken NyhanM23.07
60220Shane FordeM23.19
61208Aidan O'NeillM23.25
62181Donal O'DonoghueM23.27
63265Luke MullinsM23.30
64194AN Other23.36
65207Paul NoonanM23.38
6651Denis CarrollM23.40
67312Liam KeaneM23.48
68242Andrew GeaneyM23.54
69201Tom O'BrienM23.56
70122Aidan O'ReillyM24.02
71114Geraldine HartnettF24.06
72120Patrick HurleyM24.06
73130Kevin QuilliganM24.15
7468Claire DunneF24.16
75230Oliver MurphyM24.27
76206Ger FoleyM24.32
77123Siobhan WalshF24.34
78149Noreen O'KeeffeF24.35
79110JJ CareyM24.36
80226Patricia MurphyF24.37
81124Aaron ScottM24.50
82166Oliver Lynch Family24.55
83274Ciara MagnerF24.59
84137Blathnaid DalyF25.10
85283Sinead HorganF25.10
86121Ian O'BrienM25.12
8714Batt KearneyM25.15
88182James CooneyM25.17
8922Conall KellyM25.18
90287Cliona HurleyF25.23
91288Martin HurleyM25.24
92244Pat MurphyM25.26
9335Veronica GeaneyF25.29
9492Rosemary MiltonF25.29
95270Mark O'BrienM25.30
96227Kieran MinehaneM25.31
9795Facthna KelleherM25.35
9889Noel ManleyM25.36
9991Cillian ManleyM25.52
100241Oliver CrowleyM25.53
101151Michael ReynoldsM26.02
102132Mary CollinsF26.17
10386Claire CrowleyF26.21
10430Marie HendersonM26.23
10585Jenny KennedyF26.23
106218Catherine O'FlynnF26.24
10776Brian MelicanM26.25
10843Kitty H BuckleyF26.26
109299Caroline O'DonovanF26.29
110243Carmel GeaneyF26.36
11167Murty O'SullivanM26.38
11293Kieran McGinleyM26.47
113300Trina CrowleyF26.48
114248Maire Ui ChoghaileF26.51
115240Julie O'LearyF26.57
11672Olive McCarthyF27.00
117159Helen O'CallaghanF27.06
118224Phelim BarryM27.07
119112Austin MurphyM27.17
120154Jack HarteM27.24
12188Liz ManleyF27.41
122199Una TwomeyF27.42
123173Yvonne KertschF27.49
1247Dorinda FordeF27.52
125296Laura O'LearyF27.53
126292Noel PrendergastM27.58
127225Marie SherlockF28.00
128221Claire CoakleyF28.03
129193Maurice DignamM28.04
130308Philip CurtinM28.07
13161Clodagh WalshF28.11
13264Miriam O'DonoghueF28.22
133188David DonnellyM28.23
13410Alex SheehanM28.27
13550Denis FitzgeraldF28.30
136236Eileen O'RiordanF28.41
1376Eileen LaneF28.44
138223Ryan BradburnM28.46
139164Regina McNamaraF28.47
140298Helen RyanF28.48
14120Lucey FoleyF29.03
14221Noelle FoleyF29.05
14366Gillian O'BrienF29.06
14494Mary KelleherF29.07
145219Daire MannionM29.16
146293Aaron RyanM29.16
147211Noona O'NeillF29.17
148275Brian HealyM29.25
1492Micheal FoleyM29.28
15083Marie CashmanF29.30
151128Julie BrowneF29.30
15234Conor McCarthyM29.35
153272Aishling O'NeillF29.39
15479Sarah Jane CroninF29.43
15578Michael FinnM29.52
156276Gemma InceF29.53
157125Gerry FordeD29.55
158285Charlie HorganM29.57
159284Shane HorganM30.07
16048Bronwyn RoutF30.08
16152Elaine MooreF30.08
162213Ciara LawlorF30.33
16331Kevin LynchM30.34
16436Roisin GeaneyF30.45
16554John SheehanM30.57
166214Fiona MaherF31.04
167203Pietro SavelliM31.18
16828Muireann ManganF31.20
16955Caroline SpillaneF31.31
17041Gillian SheehanF31.37
171113Helen O'KeeffeF32.15
172195AN Other 232.26
17326Nicola PattersonF32.34
17442Maeve O'HareF32.47
175170Oliver Lynch Family32.48
176210Olivia CotterF32.57
177239Stephen O'KeeffeM32.59
178268Gavin FordeM33.03
179269AnnMarie O'SullivanF33.04
180309Joanne MurphyF33.05
181155Kate HarteF33.06
182253Sylvia SadowskaF33.11
183148Brid FentonF33.15
184145Caitlin MurphyF33.18
185126Julie BrowneF33.25
186191Sally HayesF33.25
187127Julie BrowneF33.27
188146Nikki HosfordF33.28
18984Darragh CashmanM33.29
190251Abbey FordeF33.36
19175Caoimhe CahillF33.37
19274Nessa CrowleyF33.42
193197Lisa HegartyF33.42
19457Adam O'HalloranM33.46
195281Sinead MurphyF33.47
196217Robyn FirmoF33.52
197216Gary FirmoM33.56
198307Lewis CrowleyM33.58
19965Louise BuckleyF34.07
2004Mairead MorrisseyF34.34
20137Cathal GeaneyM34.34
202257Mark DelaneyM34.58
203256Emer DelaneyF35.56
204313Colette O'SullivanF35.59
205314Oonagh O'SullivanF36.00
206286Harry HorganM36.02
207107Bobby O Reilly36.05
208184L O'SullivanM36.05
209185L O'SullivanM36.45
210105Nicola O'ReillyF36.53
21138Aoibhinn GeaneyF37.03
212232Ciara MurphyF37.15
213183L O'SullivanM37.21
214306Luke CrowleyM37.37
215212Cillian BurnsM38.28
216177Ashley O'KeeffeF38.29
217179Gene TwomeyM38.36
218192Gemma HayesF38.37
21996Carthach KelleherM38.55
22082David LynchM38.56
221198Aine GeaneyF39.50
222245Colm CrowleyM39.50
223246Sofia CrowleyF39.50
224294Billy RyanM40.01
225303Ciaran RyanM40.01
226295Dylan Bowen M40.18
227255Veronia O'ConnellF41.20
228106Sam O'ReillyM41.27
22960Larry MurphyM41.29
230254Anne O'ConnellF41.40
231178Cillian O'KeeffeM42.05
232180Aaron O'SullivanM42.05
233172Margaret SteeleF42.17
234267Anna MullinsF42.17
235171Oliver Lynch Family42.19
236168Oliver Lynch Family44.36
237169Oliver Lynch Family44.37
238165Oliver LynchM44.38
239167Oliver Lynch Family44.39
240233Roisin MurphyF44.39
241234Alan MurphyM45.21
242249Treasa FordeF45.21
243150Deirdre CookeF45.23
24446Ruth FoleyF45.34
24590Dillan ManleyM45.52
246160Ronan AherneM46.47
247231Kathleen MurphyF46.48
248235Edel MurphyF47.09
249135Evan O'LearyM47.13
25016Roisin CashmanF47.19
25118Liam CashmanM47.25
252156Michael HarteM47.26
253139Ken CurtainM47.39
254252Brody FordeM47.52
255250Tom FordeM48.07
25644Nicola O'DwyerF48.08
25745Ana DwyerF48.08
25847Louise DwyerF48.45
25913Christina SheehanF48.51
260140Ken CurtainM48.51
261141Ken CurtainM48.52
262142Ken CurtainM48.53
263143Ken CurtainM49.02
264134Greg O'LearyM50.13
265144Ken CurtainM50.13
266136Flor O'LearyM50.16
26797Caitriona CoveneyF50.17
26898Sean CoveneyM50.22
26958Sophie O'HalloranF50.23
270186Pauline LeeF50.25
271310Pamela BuckleyF50.26
272311Mary O'BrienF50.27
27399Padraig CoveneyM50.28
274100Niamh & Pat CoveneyFM50.38
27539Diarmuid GeaneyM50.56
276187Rachel LeeF51.13
277258Niall DelaneyM51.14
278260Ruairi O'MahonyM51.14
2799Emma SheehanF51.47
28019Linda CashmanF51.47
28115Mairead CashmanF52.14
282264Louise SheehanF52.15
283304Owen CrowleyM52.16
28462Joe ManleyM52.31
285305Joanne CrowleyF52.31
28663Liz ManleyF52.33
287259Oonagh DelaneyF52.34
288229John CroninM52.35
289228Kitty CroninF52.36
290291T HM52.36
291189AN Other 354.06
29256Michelle O'HalloranF54.07
29359Emily O'HalloranF54.08
294163Ronan AherneM54.10
295162Ronan AherneM54.23
296161Ronan AherneM55.03
29780Diane GoldenF55.04
29881Sinead KeohaneF55.04