Carraig na bhFear GAA 5k Road Race Results 2023

After a three year hiatus, our sixth annual 5K Road Race took place on Wed 7th June in Carraig na bhFear. The sun shone down and conditions were perfect for running. It was great to see a fine crowd of over 218 competitors toe the line for the race.

The overall winner in the mens category was David Maher, who came home in a time of 17:09, a fantastic time, well done David. David narrowly pipped Cullen Lynch of Togher AC into second place with a time of 17:10.Following in home in third place was fellow Togher AC athlete Michael Colohan in a time of 17:37. Well done lads, mighty running!

In the ladies race, first place went to Michelle Kenny of Leevale AC in a time of 18:29. Second place also went to the Leevale club with Nadine Forde finishing with a time of 18:55. In third place was Clodagh Galvin of Clonliffe Harriers in a time of 19:54. Congratulations to all on those great times.

Many thanks to the large number of stewards who manned the course on the night, it was a great team effort to ensure that everything went off without a hitch. Special thanks to  Carraig na bhFear Athletics Club for their support and participation, great to see ye there in such numbers!

Race NoPositionNameClubCategory M/FTime
2491David MaherCarraig na bhFear ACM00:17:09
4232Cullen LynchTogher ACM00:17:10
2583Michael ColohanTogher ACM00:17:37
4224Jim HartyM00:17:55
3165James MaherTemplemore ACM00:18:24
2866Adrian O'DriscollCarrigaline ACM00:18:26
2257Michelle KennyLeevale ACF00:18:29
3158Jason O MahonyEagle ACM00:18:30
3869Conor KellyCarraig na bhFear ACM 00:18:39
33110Colm SheehanMallow ACM00:18:44
39011Loic GarelSt Finbarrs ACM00:18:51
22612Nadine FordeLeevale ACF00:18:55
39413Donal CollinsBweeng ACM00:19:07
26014Martin HennessyEast Cork ACM00:19:21
35615Clodagh GalvinClonliffe HarriersF00:19:54
42616Kieran TwomeyM00:20:05
38517Elaine CardiffKilmore ACF00:20:07
29418Ollie MurphyM00:20:22
38419Ritchie LynchSt Catherines ACM00:20:25
20120Nicky PikeM00:20:32
20821Darragh O' SullivanM00:20:38
40922Pat O Connor Eagle ACM00:20:49
21723Philip HayesM00:20:53
44724Martin HickeyM00:20:54
39125Graham BickerstaffeSt Finbarrs ACM00:20:55
38926Kevin RyanM00:21:02
20927Neilus AhernMidleton ACM00:21:05
30828Stephen CreedonM00:21:09
32929David MullinsCarraig na bhFear ACM00:21:11
27230Paul HealyDonoughmore ACM00:21:21
22031Rhona LynchCarraig na bhFear ACF00:21:23
24332Claire O'BrienWatergrasshill ACF00:21:27
40833Donal O KeeffeM00:21:29
31334Trevor CollinsSt Finbarrs ACM00:21:52
41235Shane HorganM00:21:59
38336Breda LynchSt Catherines ACF00:22:00
42537Rhona DempseySt.Finbarrs ACF00:22:07
21338Siobhan WalshCarraig na bhFear ACF00:22:10
20339Eileen O' RiordanCarraig na bhFear ACF00:22:12
34440Eoin LuceyM00:22:18
30541Aidan SheehanM00:22:41
27142Sean CollinsM00:22:43
31443Jamie SaundersSt Finbarrs ACM00:22:47
42844Kevin O'CallaghanM00:22:49
34645Noah O SullivanM00:22:52
36646Cillian ManleyCarraig na bhFear ACM00:22:52
23047Aaron LennonM00:22:56
40748Michael MinihaneM00:23:01
34549Jim O SullivanM00:23:02
33950Mark CrowleyM00:23:08
43651Tom O'SullivanM00:23:15
30752Facthna KelliherM00:23:16
25053Robyn MaherCarraig na bhFear ACF00:23:22
43154Donal O'DonohoeWatergrasshill ACM00:23:28
23155Susan CardiffBandon ACF00:23:30
50256Ronan CunninghamM00:23:31
23257Jamie HouriganCarraig na bhFear ACM00:23:33
31158Sam DunneCarraig na bhFear ACM00:23:33
36559Paul ColbertCarraig na bhFear ACM00:23:35
31260Cian DunneCarraig na bhFear ACM00:23:37
20461Allie PhillipsCarraig na bhFear ACF00:23:37
23862Lucy DavisCarraig na bhFear ACF00:23:38
27963Hannah CoffeyCarraig na bhFear ACF00:23:38
30664Alex SheehanM00:23:39
30165Alan MurphyM00:23:40
39566Aoife MartinCarraig na bhFear ACF00:23:42
31767Willie WalshCarraig na bhFear ACM00:23:43
44168Coleen FoleyF00:23:49
35169Kieran O'ByrneWatergrasshill ACM00:23:49
42470Brian MelicanM00:24:04
39371Danny CollinsBweeng ACM00:24:12
22172Cliona LynchCarraig na bhFear ACF00:24:14
41673Nicky RenwickM00:24:14
22974Craig MurphyM00:24:21
35575Brian Mc NamaraM00:24:23
41776Jane PrendergastF00:24:25
32877Jack HarteM00:24:39
38778Helen Roche Carraig na bhFear ACF00:24:44
38879Colette CrowleyF00:24:44
41980Aisling HolmesF00:24:54
24481Seamus HackettM00:25:09
40582Jake VarleyCarraig na bhFear ACM00:25:12
23683Christy MurphyCarraig na bhFear ACM00:25:13
43984Michael FinnM00:25:14
21985Orla GormanCarraig na bhFear ACF00:25:19
23786Ciaran TattanM00:25:26
41887Fiona HolmesF00:25:29
36388Liam ColbertCarraig na bhFear ACM00:25:39
24789John MaherCarraig na bhFear ACM00:25:39
39690Denis FitzgeraldWatergrasshill ACM00:25:45
32791Billy LenihanM00:25:52
31992Ollie LynchM00:25:56
35793Hazel O BrienF00:25:58
24694Denis CarrollEagle ACM00:26:15
24595Noreen CollinsF00:26:29
23396Eamon TattanM00:26:40
28297Sean RyanCarraig na bhFear ACM00:26:41
28198Paul RyanCarraig na bhFear ACM00:26:42
22899Catherine LenihanWatergrasshill ACF00:26:53
269100Cian BarryM00:27:08
334101Cathal GeaneyM1970-01-01 00:27:08
382102JJ CaseyM1970-01-01 00:27:16
227103Mary MurphyF1970-01-01 00:27:19
341104Orla DignamF1970-01-01 00:27:58
284105Emma JohnsonCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:27:59
434106Colm O'SullivanM1970-01-01 00:28:19
210107Michael CoakleyWest Waterford ACM1970-01-01 00:28:22
332108Norreen O KeeffeWatergrasshill ACF1970-01-01 00:28:26
333109Brid IrwinWatergrasshill ACF1970-01-01 00:28:28
399110Louise CareyF1970-01-01 00:28:41
273111Max O' ReillyM1970-01-01 00:28:50
414112Harry HorganM1970-01-01 00:28:51
270113Fiona ShineF1970-01-01 00:28:59
438114Rachael O'CallaghanCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:29:20
347115Darragh O KeeffeCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:29:20
437116Sharyn O' CallaghanM1970-01-01 00:29:22
400117Paul Mc CarthyM1970-01-01 00:29:24
429118Eva O'CallaghanF1970-01-01 00:29:25
435119Niamh O'SullivanF1970-01-01 00:29:25
432120Don BuckleyThe Wibblies ACM1970-01-01 00:29:42
254121Hayden O' KeeffeCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:30:06
350122Rachel OwensWatergrasshill ACF1970-01-01 00:30:07
207123Daniel MurphyM1970-01-01 00:30:08
212124Sam GubbinsM1970-01-01 00:30:08
427125Daniel O'DonovanM1970-01-01 00:30:40
251126Siobhan EnrightSt Nicholas ACF1970-01-01 00:30:40
248127Denise MaherCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:30:40
392128Deirdre CollinsBweeng ACF1970-01-01 00:30:51
330129Isabelle BrowneF1970-01-01 00:31:02
406130Mathew BrowneWatergrasshill ACM1970-01-01 00:31:02
369131John AhernCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:31:14
410132Jimmy MurphyM1970-01-01 00:31:20
253133Batt KearneyLeevale ACM1970-01-01 00:31:24
420134Mark O BrienM1970-01-01 00:31:29
401135Pat CollinsSt Nicholas ACM1970-01-01 00:31:51
349136Jack CrowleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:31:52
348137Tadhg CrowleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:31:52
252138Breda CahillSt Nicholas ACF1970-01-01 00:31:53
235139Noah FoleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:32:05
324140Ciara MurphyF1970-01-01 00:32:06
234141Michael FoleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:32:07
285142Aine JohnsonF1970-01-01 00:32:40
267143Brody FordeM1970-01-01 00:32:47
202144Liam O' DonovanM1970-01-01 00:32:48
318145Noelle HalpinCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:32:49
368146Ellie GalvinF1970-01-01 00:33:01
240147Sofia CrowleyCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:33:01
239148Colm CrowleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:33:04
321149Eimear LynchF1970-01-01 00:33:57
360150Gillian PowerF1970-01-01 00:34:08
404151Isobelle DowlingF1970-01-01 00:34:30
440152Andrea NazzalKnockraha ACF1970-01-01 00:34:32
323153Chrissie Lynch1970-01-01 00:34:54
403154Kate DowlingF1970-01-01 00:34:55
309155Denis CondonM1970-01-01 00:35:01
277156Jerry FordeBlarney ACM1970-01-01 00:35:21
266157Tom FordeM1970-01-01 00:35:36
361158Nathan Lougheed M1970-01-01 00:35:39
211159Michael GubbinsM1970-01-01 00:35:39
288160Ted PierseM1970-01-01 00:35:42
218161Alex JeffreyM1970-01-01 00:35:43
501162Aidan CunninghamM1970-01-01 00:36:08
343163John O SullivanM1970-01-01 00:36:09
216164Aidan WalshCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:36:22
214165Ken WalshCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:36:23
215166Liam WalshCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:38:04
443167Aoife MackeyCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:38:05
255168Emmi O' KeeffeCarraig na bhFear AC1970-01-01 00:38:35
322169Maria LynchF1970-01-01 00:38:36
283170Sadbh O'SullivanF1970-01-01 00:38:37
433171Julie BrowneF1970-01-01 00:40:46
415172Luke HorganM1970-01-01 00:40:57
445173David WycherleyCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:41:49
446174Olive MackeyF1970-01-01 00:41:50
297175Grace LynchF1970-01-01 00:42:18
298176Emma LynchF1970-01-01 00:42:18
398177Aidan ShineM1970-01-01 00:42:19
397178Jack ShineM1970-01-01 00:42:19
259179Grace CollinsF1970-01-01 00:42:20
402180Tara DowlingF1970-01-01 00:42:20
326181Ria SheehanF1970-01-01 00:42:21
430182Ciara O'CallaghanF1970-01-01 00:42:47
278183Eimear NolanCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:42:48
280184Maria CoffeyCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:43:28
289185Oscar PierseM1970-01-01 00:43:29
292186Paul PierseM1970-01-01 00:44:08
291187Anna- Mae PierseF1970-01-01 00:44:09
257188Sally HayesF1970-01-01 00:44:09
256189Catherine MeehanF1970-01-01 00:44:12
241190Kitty CroninF1970-01-01 00:44:15
362191Helena O SullivanF1970-01-01 00:44:22
367192Liz ManleyF1970-01-01 00:44:38
364193Joan ColbertCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:44:46
300194Aisling ScanlonF1970-01-01 00:44:46
503195Claire CunninghamF1970-01-01 00:46:34
359196Edward O SheaM1970-01-01 00:46:34
358197Sophie O HalloranF1970-01-01 00:47:24
370198AN Other1970-01-01 00:47:24
442199Emma MackeyCarraig na bhFear ACF1970-01-01 00:47:24
353200Emma CumminsF1970-01-01 00:48:34
276201Patrick DarcyM1970-01-01 00:48:35
325202Edel MurphyF1970-01-01 00:49:07
295203Amy QuinlanF1970-01-01 00:49:07
296204Irene FarrellF1970-01-01 00:49:26
352205Christine CumminsF1970-01-01 00:49:26
354206Jessica DwyerF1970-01-01 00:49:39
242207John CroninM1970-01-01 00:49:40
299208Con SheehanCarraig na bhFear ACM1970-01-01 00:50:56
371209AN Other1970-01-01 00:50:58
268210Treasa FordeF1970-01-01 00:50:59
337211Diarmuid GeaneyM1970-01-01 00:51:23
413212Sinead HorganF1970-01-01 00:51:24
261213Tom HowardM1970-01-01 00:51:40
448214Fiona O'MahonyF1970-01-01 00:53:04
449215V. WalshF1970-01-01 00:53:05
411216Sinead MurphyF1970-01-01 00:53:06
338217Roisin GeaneyF1970-01-01 00:53:06
320218Robin Lynch1970-01-01 00:53:06
205Marie MurphyF
206Brendan MurphyM
222Camila Lenka F
223Julia LenkaF
224Cwynar LenkaF
262Denis LynchM
263Tracy LynchF
264Shauna LynchF
265Aaron LynchM
274Aidan O' ReillyM
275Hazel O' ReillyF
287James O ConnorM
290Olivia PierseF
293Hannah CaseyF
302Michael AhernCarraig na bhFear ACM
303Jack AhernCarraig na bhFear ACM
304John CashmanM
310Dee O DriscollM
335Veronica GeaneyF
336Ciara GeaneyF
340Oisin CrowleyM
342Lily O KeeffeCarraig na bhFear ACF
421Aoife SheehanF
444Caitlin WycherleyCarraig na bhFear ACF
450Tracey O'BrienF
451David TobinM